Wicked Audio

Wicked Audio is a designer, developer and manufacturer of headphones. Wicked Audio was founded in 1994 when CEO was 20 years old. Being an avid runner, he would often become frustrated with his earbuds coming out. He concocted a device made from a hook from a clothes hanger and rubber bands, which he then secured to his earbud and ear.
After several requests from his running buddies to develop the same device for them, he decided to start a headphone business. Earhugger was created and was the first company to develop a wrap-around the ear sport hook earbud. In 2008 the company changed their name to Wicked Audio and has developed the reputation of being a young at heart headphone company who focuses on providing the most authentic, down-toearth lifestyle brand available.

Visit their website at www.wickedaudio.com or Contact Us

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